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La Petite Dent Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

25 Smith Street, Suite 103 Nanuet NY 10954

Monday // 9AM-5PM

Tuesday // 10AM-6PM

Wednesday // 10AM-6PM

Thursday // 8AM-4PM

2 Saturdays a month // 9AM-2PM

Alisa Fritzhand, M.A. CCC-SLP 


NYS Licensed and Certified Speech-Language Pathologist 

Feeding and Swallowing Specialist

Alisa Fritzhand graduated with a master’s degree from Northwestern University in 1993. She is a NYS licensed, and ASHA certified, Speech-Language Pathologist with over 20 years of experience. She is the founder of Pediatric Feeding Care and specializes in pediatric feeding and communication. She has worked in leadership roles at prestigious NY hospitals, mentored graduate students from elite college programs in the NY area, and has provided cutting edge feeding care on a level IV NICU. Alisa works with families who are struggling with pediatric feeding or swallowing difficulties stemming from a wide variety of etiologies (prematurity, failure to thrive, reflux, ankyloglossia (tongue tie), food allergies, sensory issues, complex medical conditions, etc.). She provides evaluation and care for breastfed, bottle-fed and tube-fed babies. In addition, she supports safe and successful transitions to solids and cup drinking, fosters improved chewing skills, and works with families on expanding food repertoires. Her holistic approach incorporates a strong understanding of feeding development and infant communication with the use of direct intervention strategies.  Through compassionate care, education, and a collaborative team approach, Alisa’s ultimate goal is to help parents establish positive feeding experiences that will support their child’s healthy physical, cognitive, and emotional growth.

Pediatric feedings disorders can make feeding very difficult, impact a child's healthy growth and development, and create a lot of stress for parents.  Early identification and treatment are essential to developing positive feeding experiences for long-term feeding success. If left untreated, behavioral feeding issues often develop as well and can cause increased feeding difficulties over time. Feeding therapy can help breasted, bottle-fed or tube-fed babies.


Below are some common signs and symptoms of early feeding difficulties:

  • Back arching and pulling away from breast or bottle

  • Poor seal around the breast or bottle

  • Irritability or reduced alertness during feedings

  • Falling asleep after a few minutes of feeding

  • Difficulty coordinating breathing and feeding (suck-swallow-breathe)

  • Refusing to eat

  • Unusually long feeding times 

  • Frequent spitting up, vomiting, or excessive drooling

  • Liquid or food spilling out of the mouth or nose

  • Cough, choke, gag or "wet/gurgly" vocal quality during/immediately after feeding

  • Difficulty transitioning to solid foods or spoon feedings

  •  Limited intake (eating very little) or poor weight gain

  •  Difficulty chewing

  • "Fussy eater" - resistance to eating foods of different textures, tastes, colors or temperatures

Some common causes of feeding difficulties are:

  • Structural abnormalities (tongue tie, cleft palate etc.)

  • Oral motor weakness

  • Sensory issues 

  • Prematurity

  • Failure to thrive

  • Neurological disorders

  • Reflux or Gastrointestinal issues

  • Genetic disorders

  • Complex medical conditions 

  • Developmental disorders


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